We Can Fix That! by Charles McKinney

Guest Speaker Charles McKinney, Practical Visionary, gave a slightly modified version of this article as his speech at our 24th Bronx Parks Speak Up on Saturday February 24, 2018.

Make your best judgement…fire! AIM…fire! AIM. That works in artillery where a spotter tells the gunner to adjust their aim.  It can also work in complex social and regulatory processes as long as the initial “best guess” action is followed by evaluation and correction.

However, sometimes governments don’t adjust their aim, they just keep firing.

In New York City, over the past 20 years, new purchasing and contracting rules, as well as management structures to enforce them, have made it difficult to make contracting decisions that are rational, common in private industry, in the best interest of the client, and save time and money effectively.

Agencies suffer through the rules established by external managing agencies and offices despite the adverse effect on project schedules and budgets.  Agencies, like NYC Parks, believe they have no power to change the rules and procedures.  In recent years, City government has started making use of authorities and non-profit groups such as the Economic Development Corporation, and the School Construction authority because– they are not obligated to follow the same rules.

This talk is about simple ways the New York City Council and Mayoral offices could work together to fix the existing system rather than develop a new Parks construction authority.

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